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OJSC "Ekran", Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Borisovsky district
222514 Borisov, Normandia-Neman st., 167.
reception. Tel./Fax: (+375 177) 74-81-17, tel. 73-42-01 E-mail of the reception of OJSC "Ekran": ekran@ekranbel.com E-mail of the marketing and sales department: market@ekranbel.com (marketing), sbyt@ekranbel.com (sales)
Brand store "Krynitsa"

22514 Borisov, Borisovsky district, Minsk region, st. Normandy - Neman, 161 A.
Store manager
Bernst Valentina Grigorievna
Tel. (+375-177) 79-77-80 Applications by fax: (+375177)79-77-80, E-mail: krynica@ekranbel.com

Open Joint Stock Company "Ekran" welcomes all subscribers to our official telegram channel. https://t.me/ekranbel

The portal for rating the quality of services provided by organizations of the Republic of Belarus is a tool that provides an affordable way to express your opinion about the quality of service. The portal forms a rating of organizations based on the ratings of citizens who have been provided with services. Our organization is also on this resource.

+375 (177) 74-80-06

Contact person for anti-corruption issues at OJSC "Ekran"
Head of the Department for the Protection of Economic Interests and Security Shedlovsky Denis Sergeevich

Information about telephone numbers of emergency, emergency and reference services of the district and rural executive committees. Read here







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