JSC "Ekran" is one of the leading manufacturers in the CIS countries of elements of automotive and tractor electrical equipment (sensors, devices) and automotive electronics (anti-lock brake systems, anti-lock / traction control systems and electronic control systems for air suspension).
The consumers of JSC Ekran's products are both Belarusian enterprises (JSC Minsk Automobile Plant, JSC Minsk Tractor Plant, JSC Gomselmash, JSC BELKOMMUNMASH Holding Management Company, JSC Amkodor - the management company of the holding, Minsk). Minsk OJSC "Managing Company of the Holding" MINSK MOTOR PLANT "), and enterprises from the Russian Federation (JSC "Automobile Plant" Ural ", PJSC" KAMAZ ", LLC" Pavlovsky Bus Plant ", JSC" Petersburg Tractor Plant "), Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Serbia.
The quality management system of JSC "Ekran" is certified for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001-2015. Certificate of conformity with ISO 9001-2015 requirements registered in the register under No. BY/112 00460 08/23/2021 Valid until 08/22/2024 and IATF 16949:2016. Certificate No. 54744/B/0001/SM/RUS dated 08/23/2021. Valid until 22.08.2024
We offer our partners only high-quality products, affordable prices, technical support and advice.
We provide services for warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the organization's products, training of consumer specialists.
We will be glad to see you as our partner.


          Open Joint Stock Company "Ekran" welcomes all subscribers to our official telegram channel.




   In order to consolidate the Belarusian people, strengthen the ideas of peace and creative labor in society as the main conditions for the development of the Belarusian state, the President of the Republic of Belarus declared 2023 the Year of Peace and Creation. The corresponding Decree No. 1 dated January 1, 2023 was signed by Head of State Alexander Lukashenko. Read the Decree in full here.

The key areas in the coming year will be improving the system of military-patriotic education of the population, promoting peaceful initiatives of citizens and the public, promoting interfaith dialogue that ensures peace and harmony in the Belarusian society, demonstrating the advantages of the Belarusian economic model in the context of global turbulence, positioning creative labor as the main condition for development Belarusian state.

Such topics will strengthen the perception of Belarus as an island of peace, the undeniable value of which for the population of the country is a weighty argument in reaching agreement on other important issues of public life. The Belarusian response to militarization in the European region will be the peaceful creative work of compatriots.


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